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NTS is a uprising company in the Technology world. We have earned several awards and are also trustworthy. Our purpose is to help other companies to set up networks for them and also to help them create database. Not only companies but we would also like to help the public as well. If you have any issues with your laptop you can bring it down to us and we can help you to repair it. In the cases which it is a pc, you can contact us and we can make an arrangement with you and go up to your house and help you repair. Not only do we repair laptop and pc, if your wifi have issues we can also help you to fix it or help you set it up if you have just recently gotten a new router or modem.


We also have planned workshops and events for the elderly. These workshops are to teach the elderly on how to use electronic devices and computers. This is because technology is starting to impact our modern life more. Through learning how to use the electronic devices, they can stay up to date with news around the world as nowadays news are usually reported and put onto the internet even before the television or radio have talked about it.For the workshops and events you can look at our event page to see what are available.

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